Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cakes and Candy

Mouth watering Fruit Tarts... Yummy...

:) Another creation of my talented pastry chef brother.
Princess Barbie in Purple Evening Dress. :)

Enquiry? Please call me... :) Hehe... you get 10% discounts...

De Pastry Chef is located at Manjalara, Kepong. (The place with a lot of steam boat restaurants.)
Fruit Tarts: RM2 each
Barbie Birthday Cake: RM238 each

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Invisible turning Visible

I wish to see something transparent show itself.
No magic, no creepy ideas, no spooky nonsense.

Maybe sunlight can show them in the form of rainbows when it shines through.

:) It should be very nice....

Looking forward to the appearance.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Routes to Work from Home

:) My place to work is 40 minutes driving distance, if no traffic jam occures.
If I leave from home at 6.30am, I arrive office at 7.10am.

If I leave from home at 6.45am, I arrive office at 7.55am. Still not so bad... with traffic jam all the way to office after 20 minutes away from home.

If I leave from home at 6.55am, I arrive office at 8.15am. That is quite bad... Jam all the way after 20 minutes from home. Like parking with the engine on at Old Klang Road.

If I leave from home at 7.15am, haha... I will end up arrive office at 8.45am. That bad.

If I leave from home at 7.20am, hmm....think I am going to get fired... to arrive office at 9.15am.

Lucky. This morning I had not a very wonderful dream...
Woke up at 6am. Went out at 6.30am.
Arrived office at 7.10am.

:) A very good morning to all.
Wish you have a good day.