Sunday, August 24, 2008

Shape Run @ Lake Garden

Ooh....Met so many friends at Shape Run...ex colleagues, ex school mates...
Didn't know that so many people are crazy for this run.
Thanks Ah Thon helped register and also to Dai Meng for the ferry.

Friday, August 01, 2008

New Slumberland showroom in Bangsar!

Slumberland opens first ever own show room in Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, Malaysia!
Come visit, beli tanpa was was!
Hanya yang berkualiti dari Slumberland.


Insomnia again...
I knew why... but unfortunately just thought of it at 1.26am...
A bit too late to know though

I had hazelnut white coffee at Old Town White Coffee Cafe during lunch.
Joined my mum at Nippon Painters' Dinner at Damansara Palace this evening. I had almost 9 glasses of hot chinese tea... after the tounge biting chinese style dishes like roasted piglet, duck, chicken, fried prawn, fish etc.

Surprised me, we turned out to be one of the winner for lucky draw despite being late comer at 9pm. We got a pail of Nippon paint. :) hehehehe... least worth the hussle to rush back from Bangsar to bathe and fetch my mum and drove down all the way for 40minutes to the restaurant.

Happy me paid the car park boy RM2.
(Because got many drunk guy stared at me at the dinner and I overheard they said "Wah...sui za bo", one more thing, a handsome boyfriend of the girl at the same table couldn't remove his eyes from my low V neck, or was it all my 'penyakit perasan' imagination?! Hehehe)

Finish writing my perasan message...but yet still cannot sleep...