Sunday, December 30, 2007

Month of Feast

Wow.. December is really month of feast for Achia. :)
Not counting the varieties of food that I had in Perak and Penang ground trip, I just checked my handphone camera album and found out how lucky I was!

You can find my yummy collection from the link here:

Remind me of something, the feelings is just like going about the Bulatan Bahagia roundabout at Ipoh Town, "Ooh, bahagianya...".

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Passionate Backpackers

For the first time, Achia followed 1 leng jie and 3 leng kors for 6 days 5 nights luxury backpacking trip. Luxurious experience...Together we saw, we touched and we captured. It was indeed a memorable happy moment. My first time spending long Christmas holiday away from home.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

A Pirates' Night

My company annual dinner has never been so fun as this year's!
Hehehe...I was among the 25% of the total 1300 attendees that got a lucky draw prize.
The food in One World Hotel was good!
Hmm...and I must say the committee had chosen the right event organiser.
Overall was good and all of us had a good time.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Snatch Thieves

Why are there so many snatch thieves in JB, Klang Valley and other towns?
Are there many people left jobless?
These trained group of nonsense is doing it again and again daily.
It is kind of habit to them. "Hunting" is the word.
Human being with binocular vision are born hunters. We all know that their victims are not born with monocular vision. Victim who carries handbags carelessly and talks on the phone while walking might have not been attentive enough, did not care about the danger confronting them.
These snatch thieves too were born with equally two hands and legs and I do not understand why they like to harm other people.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

a e i o u, I learn something new

Do you think life is boring? Sometimes, I do.
Do you know you can make a difference in your life? Differences, either big or small...
Make yourself and people surrounding you happy.
Secret of happiness?
Never be bored to find out.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Holiday at KK

Papa and Sumito admiring village view on the hanging bridge at a Kadazan village in Penampang.

Papa and mama posed for my camera, good view of Mount Kinabalu from Kundasang War Memorial Park.

Deathly river water...polluted by the copper mining activity.

had a memorable and wonderful holiday with papa and mama last week. :)
Thank you to Sumito, a very professional Kadazan tour guide.
Everything he showed us was so great and certainly I will want to visit KK again.

Click to see more photos here

Sunday, October 14, 2007

"C" "O" "C" "O" "N" "U" "T"

I love Coconut House....
A good gathering spot at KL.
They serve delicious Italian food, accompany with nice music in a cozy yet simple ambience. :)

When I first thought of Coconut, I had the perception that the place will be packed with matured senior citizen, something like
Coliseum Cafe... Surprisingly, I was greeted with groups of cheerful youngsters, chatting and laughing at every corner.

"Coconut House" in Mandarin, is a bi-monthly teenager magazine. The founder of the magazine had opened his first restaurant in Melacca Town. The branch in Pudu that I visited was opened after a few years later.

The chicken, coffee, pasta, pizza and ice cream were so "syok~". I can't sleep at night... Maybe I had over eaten. :)

Since they use traditional method of charcoal and wood fire cooking, be prepared of slight long wait for your food to be served. Not forgetting to mention that the lady attendant there was very friendly and helpful.

This time I didn't take any picture of my food... I was so hungry that I munched them quickly.

So you have to try for yourself. :)

Address: 28-30 Jalan Pudu Lama, Kuala Lumpur (Behind the Hindu temple, opposite Puduraya, along the same stretch are a few backpackers lodge)
Tel: 03 2031 2830

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

"Wasp up, Alor Setar?"

A bright yellow bee rested on my shoulder infront of Alor Setar Mall, Kedah.
It must be one of my ancestors, greeting me for going back to Alor Setar.
Probably true... :)
1,2,3... say cheese!

/* Hmm... My papa said this is not bee, it is wasp instead.
I tried to search internet to check the species from this link
However, would appreciate if any biology expert can tell me what is the answer.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Holiday at Genting

Purposely took leave to go holiday with my best friend, Chai Ping, 4 other form 6 school mates and another Victorian.
I look so cute in this photo ya... :P
Thanks, Ban Hing. I like this photo.

Merdeka Holiday

Malaysian 50th Independence was a memorable holiday for me.
My friends came back from Putrajaya at 2.30am, stopped by at my place and dragged me out from my house. We had drink at the coffee shop near my house.
Joey was kind enough to share with me the nice video recording that she took during the Japanese fireworks presentation. Thank you to my hot mama... :)
3.30am, I went to bed. :)
Woke up at 10.30am...had brunch at 12.00pm.
4.00pm, I went to Giant Kinrara in my younger sister's car.
It is the 100th Giant outlet in Malaysia.
A few more to come out like mushrooms in the coming months.
7.00pm, went to The Curve with my long lost ex colleague, Amy.
Amy just started her social dance lessons not long ago.
We had a long chat about dance in her car.
We enjoyed our dinner at The Walk, sat at the restaurant in front of live jazz band.
After dinner, while waiting for another ex-colleague, I brought Amy to meet my best friend, Chai Ping at her stall in front of Cineleisure.
I picked up a few cute stuffs from her stall, including a handbag and 2 pairs of ear rings.
Posing like model beside the Proton Pesona in front of Cineleisure, 2 burger vendors came.
Darabif. It was my ex-colleague, Brenda.
Couldn't buy from her since we just had dinner.
Finally, Ai Leen showed herself.
We went to drink tea and talked nonstop under the bright moon, till the crowd slowly faced out from The Walk at 11.45pm.
Along Federal Highway, the projection of laser light onto Menara TM had brighten up the place and made Kuala Lumpur looking more lively.
I enjoyed my day totally.
Merdeka! I felt so free and easy.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stress Free 27

Fireworks shot from my window

What I enjoy and being proud of myself this year is being a stress free 27 years old.
Merdeka! Happy 50th birthday, Malaysia.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I felt lucky ~ for every small reason

safely arrived at Serdang

I felt so lucky today when I ordered my healthy fruit juice from Jusco Juice Bar in Mid Valley.
The voucher's number was 8108. Slight twist from my birthdate 8180.
(This morning, I saw at Pudu, 8318 won one of the big Toto prize --> which actually quite big difference also lar...)

Hmm Hmm...
Half a bitter gourt + an orange + a tomato = bitter juice = my lunch

I tried my luck taking KTM Komuter home from Mid Valley.
After 3 years... still remember the good old days when I had to carry my 3kg lap top on my back pack, taking Komuter from UKM Bangi to Bandar Tasik Selatan every weekend.

So now they had upgraded the system to accept Touch 'n' Go. Wow.. wasted my notes buying ticket from the ticketing machine... Should have directly use my Touch 'n' Go instead.

I said wasted my notes because I left not much money in my wallet to last until pay day.

Went to see my dream camera Nikon D80 this morning with friends at Pudu Plaza.
Hmm... Could only see but not bringing it home.

Choosing between MBA vs Nikon D80...
What a hard decision to make.
If I enroll myself into a local MBA course... I have to sacrifice my weekday 6.30pm to 9.30pm, plus Saturday 2.30pm to 7.30pm...
When to do the assignment and group discussion?
If MBA then no need D80, because no time for leisure...
If D80 means no MBA, because no $ for the first payment.

Anyway, I felt that our local public transport has brought us the convenience. Only RM1.50, I took Komuter all the way from Mid Valley to Serdang.
A shutter from Serdang to my house is cost at only RM0.90. Somemore the ticket vendor gave me a handsome smile. Very comfortable coach with air conditioner.
If I park my car at Mid Valley during weekend, easily will cost me RM6.
Sometimes, I think that it was not worth to buy my mini Kancil.

50 tahun merdeka

A handsome opening ceremony for the fireworks... I was pretty amazed.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happenings in early August 2007

Something new to Achia this week.
* Found out that there is mini steamboat at the hawker stalls near my house.
* Bought a white piggy toilet roll holder.
* Sing K with leng lui friends at Greenbox.
* MC on Thursday.
* Bought silver sea horses earings.

Journey to PuThuoShan

Friday, I skipped my yoga class to see my youngest sister perform in a play about KuanYin in Sentul. It was nice to see that she has improved a lot in her dancing. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007







Saturday, July 21, 2007

My papa's birthday 170707

Happy Family

Ivan leng chai mou?

Tiramisu from De Pastry Chef -another recipe from my brother

Sunday, July 15, 2007

31st Bon Odori

Finally went to Bon Odori for the first time of my life.
:) Must do something youngsters do before I grow even older.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My sis wedding on 070707

Deco lights bought from Kaosan, Bangkok.

achia and her leng lui sis... haih... achia still fat fat...

* Some of my sis wedding pics can be accessed from here:

* Leng chai oh, this photographer... :-P

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Swiss Dream


I am dreaming of winning a ticket to Switzerland.


Conteng with Oil Pastels

Found a box of oil pastels from my school days last weekend and did this...

Dream for success

Do you dream?
I do.
I always dream when I am alone and when I am still alone, I have not stop to dream.

What do you dream of?
I wish I can see something wonderful when I dream.
What if I caught a bad dream?
Just treat it as entertainment in between the goodness.

There are many things that I have not done in real life but I always do in my dream.
I had been to many places and danced many dance in my dream.
Sometimes I travel with my legs floating on air... sometimes I was driving without having to press the oil pedal.
Some people name this scenario as "soul out". :) Who cares... It is still part of my life...
Did I really do it? I remember the times when I dream.

There is another scenario name as "dejavu". Where you dreamed of something that is going to happen next. You will feel like having already experienced the thing that happened but it was in your dream. I think "dejavu" make surprises happen less in our life. Haha...

I am going to make some more dreams.
Continue dreaming.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Cakes and Candy

Mouth watering Fruit Tarts... Yummy...

:) Another creation of my talented pastry chef brother.
Princess Barbie in Purple Evening Dress. :)

Enquiry? Please call me... :) Hehe... you get 10% discounts...

De Pastry Chef is located at Manjalara, Kepong. (The place with a lot of steam boat restaurants.)
Fruit Tarts: RM2 each
Barbie Birthday Cake: RM238 each

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Invisible turning Visible

I wish to see something transparent show itself.
No magic, no creepy ideas, no spooky nonsense.

Maybe sunlight can show them in the form of rainbows when it shines through.

:) It should be very nice....

Looking forward to the appearance.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Routes to Work from Home

:) My place to work is 40 minutes driving distance, if no traffic jam occures.
If I leave from home at 6.30am, I arrive office at 7.10am.

If I leave from home at 6.45am, I arrive office at 7.55am. Still not so bad... with traffic jam all the way to office after 20 minutes away from home.

If I leave from home at 6.55am, I arrive office at 8.15am. That is quite bad... Jam all the way after 20 minutes from home. Like parking with the engine on at Old Klang Road.

If I leave from home at 7.15am, haha... I will end up arrive office at 8.45am. That bad.

If I leave from home at 7.20am, hmm....think I am going to get fired... to arrive office at 9.15am.

Lucky. This morning I had not a very wonderful dream...
Woke up at 6am. Went out at 6.30am.
Arrived office at 7.10am.

:) A very good morning to all.
Wish you have a good day.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Night at Putrajaya

:) There were invited audience from 50 countries, even included friends from "outer space"... :P

I imagined that they came down from the moon....

Among the invited guests

To witness the colourful event

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunny Sunday

"Good morning!"

pakai baju kuning tak rasa gigi kuning walaupun tak sempat gosok gigi

my papa... you will not have a papa like mine. :) I know why I am so cute now... kekeke..

Believe me... this is sunrise...

Simba will rule the country

:) Chia woke up very early to race with time...
She wanted to see sunrise...
Didn't brush teeth and didn't comb hair...
Grabbed a scarf and tied for the first time...
Hide her messy hair and her sleepy face under the bright scarf.

Soon this will be fashion in town. Hahahah...
Pirates of the Carribean will be screening soon...

Played with her camera and her masak masak tripod.
Ran up the hill like running on the road.
Went to the wrong junction and thought she miss the boat.
Lucky she was not...

She earned herself a healthy long Sunday morning...
With her papa who is caring...