Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It Doesn't Matter

It is ok for her to think that I am having a boy friend.
Haha... atleast I don't have to stay too late at the office these days...
And it become self explanatory for me to excuse myself from staying late.
It doesn't really matter and there is no need to explain to her.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

I Opened A Coconut Myself

Ohhh... New skill to add to my resume..
I opened a fresh coconut myself today...
Next time can sell coconut in holiday island... :) kakaka..

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Ipoh Mali & KL Lheng Chai

Yo yo yo! Check this out!
Support Malaysian Artistes~

A few of my ex-schoolmates were chatting on MSN.
Then suddenly one of the lheng chai post this link out...

Poetic Ammo's Chinese guy has his blog and his Ipoh Mali lyrics here:

Hmm... KL Lheng Chai... ya... true also.. drink at Mamak, see others driving Evo, traffic jam...
I am not lheng chai, still I feel the same...

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kuala Lumpur in the Evening of 7th Jan 2007

Panggung Negara is the Purple dot you see at the bottom left corner in this photo...

We had a long walk on this stretch of road...

I would do a few cut wheels over if I was not wearing high heels...

Amigo and fairy mama came to fetch me the other day...
We went a long way to go out from Seri Kembangan to Kuala Lumpur on that Sunday evening.
It took us almost half an hour to look for parking around Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman...
We had dinner at the old Coliseum Cafe... I suddenly remembered the scene in Tash Aw's first novel "The Harmony Silk Factory". I imagined that Johny Lim or maybe his son had sat at one of the table... having white bread with butter and dark coffee...

After dinner, we went to park at Dataran Merdeka and started to look for Panggung Bandaraya, the place for dance performance that we had tickets reserved.

:) Ahhh... it was such a long time since I see another dance piece again... Have met a lot of old friends there at the dance.
So good to see that some of the dancers had improved a lot over so many years...
I dare not stand so near them... They look so skinny compared to the fat fat achia....

Thanks to Amigo and fairy mama...

I had a wonderful evening.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Friday, 5th, Evening

I was too hungry that I stepped into Sushi King at Mid Valley yesterday after I finally found what I could buy with RM20 cash voucher from Metrojaya.

Talked to a waiter that was coincidently off duty at 9.30pm.
Oh... then he just walked away like that... didn't even get another waiter to serve me.

Moody and drousy... tired after a day's work. I munched at those cold sushi infront of me, tasteless.

Got enough of it after sitting inside the sushi bar for 30 minutes, I felt that I was almost invisible.

A beautiful young lady with tanned skin was sitting for quite some time near to the cashier counter, looking at the entrance, emotionless, she seemed worry and spoke in Mandarin to a matured man that came to look for her.

I thought that this tall girl is meeting her customer since Cititel is so near. Hahaha... :P Then when I walked over to pay at the cashier counter, I overheard that she lost her purse and couldn't pay for the diner. Or maybe that old man did loose his belongings... He said something like his credit cards and Maybank ATM cards are in the bag. Couldn't stay on too long to hear more because there was a guy came to stand beside me, smiled and openned his wallet.
Hmm! Stand so near for what? Not your turn yet.
I quickly took out RM30 to the cashier and walked away from the outlet.

On my way to the escalator, I thought... Should I settle her bill and gave her my name card to contact me? Wah.. how much money I got? Maybe it don't have to be me because there were so many others in the restaurant. That guy that came to the cashier could have been kind enough to pay for her. Else he couldn't be opening his wallet so fast before me.

It was lucky enough for me to get to my car safely. Maybe I should not walk alone in the shopping mall again.

Dedicate to the young beautiful model look tall girl: You ought to be careful when you are walking in the mall. Don't have to let the pick pockets give you surprises... Maybe don't choose to wear such glamorous branded outfits although they are all over your closets...

10.30pm... Still heavy traffic outsite Mid Valley... I thought it could be the heavy rain earlier, or maybe it is the time for closing shops. It was really slow moving all the way through Jalan Klang Lama... Police road block again... 5 policemen were checking on the bikers in two lanes.

Finally, the road infront seemed a lot more like a Friday night. Free and easy.
My mum called me like a timer at 11pm. "Yes, on the way, mum. Just at the back of the garden."