Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stress Free 27

Fireworks shot from my window

What I enjoy and being proud of myself this year is being a stress free 27 years old.
Merdeka! Happy 50th birthday, Malaysia.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

I felt lucky ~ for every small reason

safely arrived at Serdang

I felt so lucky today when I ordered my healthy fruit juice from Jusco Juice Bar in Mid Valley.
The voucher's number was 8108. Slight twist from my birthdate 8180.
(This morning, I saw at Pudu, 8318 won one of the big Toto prize --> which actually quite big difference also lar...)

Hmm Hmm...
Half a bitter gourt + an orange + a tomato = bitter juice = my lunch

I tried my luck taking KTM Komuter home from Mid Valley.
After 3 years... still remember the good old days when I had to carry my 3kg lap top on my back pack, taking Komuter from UKM Bangi to Bandar Tasik Selatan every weekend.

So now they had upgraded the system to accept Touch 'n' Go. Wow.. wasted my notes buying ticket from the ticketing machine... Should have directly use my Touch 'n' Go instead.

I said wasted my notes because I left not much money in my wallet to last until pay day.

Went to see my dream camera Nikon D80 this morning with friends at Pudu Plaza.
Hmm... Could only see but not bringing it home.

Choosing between MBA vs Nikon D80...
What a hard decision to make.
If I enroll myself into a local MBA course... I have to sacrifice my weekday 6.30pm to 9.30pm, plus Saturday 2.30pm to 7.30pm...
When to do the assignment and group discussion?
If MBA then no need D80, because no time for leisure...
If D80 means no MBA, because no $ for the first payment.

Anyway, I felt that our local public transport has brought us the convenience. Only RM1.50, I took Komuter all the way from Mid Valley to Serdang.
A shutter from Serdang to my house is cost at only RM0.90. Somemore the ticket vendor gave me a handsome smile. Very comfortable coach with air conditioner.
If I park my car at Mid Valley during weekend, easily will cost me RM6.
Sometimes, I think that it was not worth to buy my mini Kancil.

50 tahun merdeka

A handsome opening ceremony for the fireworks... I was pretty amazed.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Happenings in early August 2007

Something new to Achia this week.
* Found out that there is mini steamboat at the hawker stalls near my house.
* Bought a white piggy toilet roll holder.
* Sing K with leng lui friends at Greenbox.
* MC on Thursday.
* Bought silver sea horses earings.

Journey to PuThuoShan

Friday, I skipped my yoga class to see my youngest sister perform in a play about KuanYin in Sentul. It was nice to see that she has improved a lot in her dancing. :)