Sunday, October 14, 2007

"C" "O" "C" "O" "N" "U" "T"

I love Coconut House....
A good gathering spot at KL.
They serve delicious Italian food, accompany with nice music in a cozy yet simple ambience. :)

When I first thought of Coconut, I had the perception that the place will be packed with matured senior citizen, something like
Coliseum Cafe... Surprisingly, I was greeted with groups of cheerful youngsters, chatting and laughing at every corner.

"Coconut House" in Mandarin, is a bi-monthly teenager magazine. The founder of the magazine had opened his first restaurant in Melacca Town. The branch in Pudu that I visited was opened after a few years later.

The chicken, coffee, pasta, pizza and ice cream were so "syok~". I can't sleep at night... Maybe I had over eaten. :)

Since they use traditional method of charcoal and wood fire cooking, be prepared of slight long wait for your food to be served. Not forgetting to mention that the lady attendant there was very friendly and helpful.

This time I didn't take any picture of my food... I was so hungry that I munched them quickly.

So you have to try for yourself. :)

Address: 28-30 Jalan Pudu Lama, Kuala Lumpur (Behind the Hindu temple, opposite Puduraya, along the same stretch are a few backpackers lodge)
Tel: 03 2031 2830