Sunday, May 27, 2007

A Night at Putrajaya

:) There were invited audience from 50 countries, even included friends from "outer space"... :P

I imagined that they came down from the moon....

Among the invited guests

To witness the colourful event

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunny Sunday

"Good morning!"

pakai baju kuning tak rasa gigi kuning walaupun tak sempat gosok gigi

my papa... you will not have a papa like mine. :) I know why I am so cute now... kekeke..

Believe me... this is sunrise...

Simba will rule the country

:) Chia woke up very early to race with time...
She wanted to see sunrise...
Didn't brush teeth and didn't comb hair...
Grabbed a scarf and tied for the first time...
Hide her messy hair and her sleepy face under the bright scarf.

Soon this will be fashion in town. Hahahah...
Pirates of the Carribean will be screening soon...

Played with her camera and her masak masak tripod.
Ran up the hill like running on the road.
Went to the wrong junction and thought she miss the boat.
Lucky she was not...

She earned herself a healthy long Sunday morning...
With her papa who is caring...

Saturday, May 19, 2007

EM experience

Yay yay... I made my way to East Malaysia for the first time in my life.
Nobody can laugh at me except myself... I laughed because I am happy.

Was at Kuching on the first day.... 2hrs flight from KLIA with air bus.. comfortable enough...

A lot of miao.... only the icons around town... I managed to catch one real miao with my SEK610i.... :).. Hmm... first meal at Kuching: something special
- 3 layered tea (tea + evaporated milk + gula melaka = very sweet coconut fragrance milk tea)
- Kolok mee (white wheat noddle + sesame oil (perhaps) and other seasoning + slices of char siew + green spring onions = something different)
- Sarawak laksa (hmm.... hahahha... hmmm... no fish... you can find good sarawak laksa at Alexis, Bangsar Shopping Complex, if you are around KL)

Population: mostly Chinese in town.
Weather: very very warm... about 30 celcius degree.

Second day: 1 hr flight from Kuching to Miri.. flight was a MAS...(something to improve on).

Miri... hmm... it rained a little... good. Not so warm.
Beautiful new city... Clean... with many sea horses on the road. :) hehhehe..
I loved staying in the Marriott Resort and Spa... Rooms are reasonably priced and with very good hospitality and excellent service.
Beautiful sunset view by the sea... what more with plenty of good food to choose early morning (very important for me and many other people).

Luckily zombie chia got chance to travel to Brunei... :) A nice place to be praised... M'sians' nice neighbouring country.

See my photo (was at work but always made others waited for me because I took some time to take photo.. :P)

Monday, May 14, 2007


Sorry, Bluebear... I lost your pink partner at Sultan Ismail International Airport that Friday.
I think she escaped from me... I am glad that I still have you with me.
I did went around the airport to look for her, but I failed.
I guess she will be fine, as she is a pretty bear.
It's ok for us to remember her sometime.