Monday, August 31, 2009

Creative Gift Wrapping for Kids

Brian bought a gift for his uni friend's kids birthday. We couldn't find nice gift wrapper outside, so I decided to help him wrap it with my own way. I wrapped the toy with plain paper and drew with crayon. The bottom part is ground with stone and the top part with clouds. Decorated with some green trees and grass, added on some bird and smiley face balloons. Finally, I added in 3 happy chilren and a cute rabbit. It think it turned out just like a fun land!

Brian brought me along to the birthday celebration held in Bentong. It rained when we entered Karak Highway from KL and finally rain stopped when we arrived at his frien's house. We had a nice dinner with his friend's family. Brian helped to take photos for the birthday kids. We could see clearly, the night lights of Genting from Bentong town. It was a peaceful night.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Move, Kancil, Move!

For the first time, my Kancil went 250km in a day, out of the city, from Serdang to Sekinchan & Kuala Selangor. It was unusual for my baby Kancil, for so long it has not been out of town before. It took me two hours plus to arrive Sekinchan. :) My family and I explored the fish village in Sekinchan, we have tried their local delicacies, the shark dishes and other seafood. Fried fish with chilli gravy is yummy!

After Sekinchan, we passed by Kuala Selangor and stopped by one of the many coulourfully decorated fruit stall.

On the way back, we chose to pass by Puncak Alam, a new housing area with scenic view. I could't help to stop aside when I saw this beautiful swamp. Some regular visitors were there to enjoy fishing.

Overall, it was an adventurous trip for my baby Kancil. The fuel consumption was RM35 for the 250km city and suburban mixed journey with aircon turned maximum. Almost a full tank for a return trip.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


好久不见的小学同学,今天约出来的都是娇小玲珑一族,还选了一个可爱的“兔穴”位于大城堡花园的Rabbit Cafe。难得可以出来聚一聚,七点钟从万宜驾驶我可爱的鼠鹿小白、在两端收费站附近还有一点阻塞,没想到我竟然可以准时在约好的七点半到达惠珍所形容的可爱咖啡馆。小白第一次被我带到大城堡P Zone, 今天又有突破哦!




Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Delicious Cakes天琴烘焙小屋

这是昨天的成品,Hello Kitty蛋糕!红白相争、加上新鲜的草莓香,真让人惊艳!


Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sharing Big Files Online

Sending big files online is made possible by various Free ware online.

I have tried "" & "" and found that is so much more user friendly.
The GUI of is very much user friendly than sendspace too. limits free trial user with file size up to 300MB each transfer.
Where as send files more than 300MB, other than that, endable speedy upload and download in just seconds!

Thumbs up for!

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mac Book is so Cool!

Play with FK's new Mac Book yesterday while waiting for supper session. It was fun!

Crazy Tonight

It's been very long since I wanted to visit Jogoya, ever since a friend told me about Jogoya when they started to operate in Star Hill, KL.
I had the chance today when my 2nd sis asked to join her at Jogoya buy 1 free 1 supper promotion.
Therefore I had to call a partner to join me as well and I had chosen my bf. :) Lucky him.

Traffic in KL was very free around 8pm when we arrived there. 3 sisters were out for supper... what a crazy night.

The supper session started at 9.40pm.
We had fun tasting all kinds of food available in the restaurant. It was like a maze to me when walking around multiple food counters.
Midnight, when we finished, the town looked so much busier than just now. Decorative lights brighten up the shopping heaven in KL. Many tourist were still on the street, they were walking around and doing their shopping. Young kids were practising their street dance at the five foot way.
At 12.30am, we were still driving on Jalan Bukit Bintang. Got amazed that new Steven's Tea Garden was there!

Phew!!! I am full full full!

I am writing this post because I can't sleep. (@.@|||)