Monday, May 25, 2009






Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mothers' Day Special

Very special mothers' day. I decided to cook vegetarian to the mothers in the house. :)
My first experiment vegetarian meal without recipe for the day were:

A) Appetiser
- Fruity salad mix with Australian honey, Italian balsamic vinegar & Italian olive oil
B) Main Course
- Heart shape mash potatoes & with fresh mushroom, potato and yellow onion fried in olive oil and black pepper
- Stir fried mix vegetables with olive oil and liquid aminos
- Serves with rice wrap in seaweed
C) Dessert
Konnyaku jelly with red dragon fruit and honey dew cubes in brown sugar

It's nice when my nephew and niece started to talk and walk around and can give me feedback on the taste of the food. :) Ivan likes almost everything except sour tomatoes.
Reanne likes red colour fruit and sweet stuff.

Thanks to my sisters for helping out in the kitchen!
Happy mothers day again to my mum & my eldest sister.