Thursday, November 30, 2006

有吃过Manuka Honey吗?


Saturday, November 25, 2006


嗯,有心不怕迟。今天把plastic seal剪开,读了几篇让人深思的文章。
上大学第一年时,有一些Computer basics的功课。还是电脑白痴的我还会用墅舍的公共电话拨电问家里精通十八术的爸爸。到现在还要爸爸帮我format电脑。(因为我不得空呱?!!)

Life Is A Game of Decision Making

What I Could Have Done Last Sunday ?

I was walking alone in the crowded Mines Shopping Fair, after spent the last RM1 in my purse.
Went to ATM to get some more vitamin M to go back to the Chinese Book Fair at the Mines Exhibition Hall. (Sounds like a heavy spender... actually I only spent RM200 that day, not much... hahah... they are food for mind and soul.)

When I walked towards the escalator, I saw a plump and short guy in casual, with a cap, was carrying a 6-8 years old thin girl, with pony tail and was wearing a cream colour floral printing dress. She was crying and or maybe crying out loudly, and was trying to get out from that guy's grab. He does not look like his brother, and a bit like foreigner... (Indonesian? Myanmar?) Could be in his teens or maybe already 30+. He was carrying her in one hand and the other hand was busy beating her to make her stop crying. Her pink slipper dropped on the floor just beside where I stood, a Chinese woman and her husband were there to witness, like others in the crowd. She bent down to pick up the slipper and went further to pick up the other side where the little girl dropped the other one. The Chinese woman was chasing the plump guy, "Woi, woi!" He didn't seem to bother and kept walking in a very fast pace.

He made me think that he is a kidnapper, trying to act like a parent or family member to the girl.
That's why he walked so fast and didn't bother if she looses her sandals.
He was so rough that he could make the girl cry.

I took a minute to think... If I could have picked up the first sandal and ran to him...
Or if I could have pick up the sandal and throw at his back... (Hmm..long time didn't play archery, my aiming still good?)
Or if I could have shouted, "Kidnapper, stop him!"
There could have many undercover of his kind.
Hmm... I think I should get the security guard to catch him...
I think I am a truly "tidak apa..." type of people.
Like many others in the crowd...

Monday, November 20, 2006


:) Got this can of smiling fish from my colleague whom just came back from East Malaysia.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

My Recommendation

:) Hi, if you like Japanese food, I love to share with you a nice restaurant...
Omitsu Koshi, next to Atria Shopping Centre, Damansara Jaya.
The interior of the restaurant is quite decent and has a big PM Pak Lah's framed photo on display.
Anyway, the service is good and the food is fresh. :) Price are reasonable too.
I like the sashimi... :-) Ichiban! (Y) ---> learned from you, you know who you are. (~.~)

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Happy Feet!

My happy feet wants to go KK early next year.
Looking for other happy feet to join in the happy journey.


See this cute penguin movie... Amigo, u are one of the many penguins in Happy Feet!
Don't know why they like to name the black penguins as amigos.

Thursday, November 02, 2006









Wednesday, November 01, 2006

The Myth

I want to see this movie!!!
Have seen Kim Hee Seon posing so graceful, like doing Korean dance in a magazine picture.

Some says she is not that pretty but I personally think she has a dancer's body.
Tall and sleek look. :-D

Will hunt for this DVD...